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The Asian and Pacific Migration Journal  (APMJ) is an academic quarterly started in 1992. APMJ is the first journal dedicated to migration issues in the Asia-Pacific region. APMJ is indexed in ISI and other key social science indexes.


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APMJ Volume 23, 2014-Issue 3- eCopy
Life Satisfaction of the Families of Migrants in the Philippines
Yoon Ah Oh

Vol. 23 (3), p. 249-272, 2014.

Immigrant Labor and Industrial Upgrading in Malaysia
Suresh Narayanan and Yew-Wah Lai

Vol. 23 (3), p. 273-298, 2014.

Diaspora Knowledge Transfer as a Development Strategy for Capturing the Gains of Skilled Migration
Sheila Siar

Vol. 23 (3), p. 299-324, 2014.   

Chinese Immigrants in Korea: The Relationship between Interpersonal Communication and Acculturation
Seung-jun Moon, Chan Souk Kim and Tae Woo Kim

Vol. 23 (3), p. 325-344, 2014.

Japan's Immigration Intimations and Their Neglected Language Policy Requisites
Julian Chapple

Vol. 23 (3), p. 345-360, 2014.

People on the Move in a Changing Climate: The Regional Impact of Environmental Change on Migration Edited by Etienne Piguet and Frank Lackzo
Benoit Mayer

Vol. 23 (3), p. 361-363, 2014.