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International migration has become a major social phenomenon in the Asian continent. In addition to policy makers, researchers, advocates and the media, the concern for the spiritual, welfare and dignity of migrants and seafarers have drawn the attention of the Catholic Church to migration issues. Migration has an important impact on the life of people on the move. The experience of migration can strengthen the faith of some migrants and seafarers while for others, it can weaken their faith life. The Catholic Church has developed a complex pastoral and social teaching on the care of migrants and seafarers, as well as institutions dedicated to assist migrants and seafarers in their social needs and to help them live their faith while in a foreign country. This complex organization of structures and activities is carried out both at the diocesan and parish levels, as well as by religious congregations. This website intends to document organizations and individuals and programs and activities of the Catholic Church involved in the care of migrants and seafarers in Asia. ROAM-Asia aims to facilitate the dialogue among churches in countries of origin and destination and to encourage the exchange of ideas and programs among the various stakeholders.


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