About Us

The Scalabrini Migration Center was founded in Quezon City in 1987 to foster the interdisciplinary study of migration in Asia, to disseminate the results of research, to inform policies using evidence-based knowledge, to promote dialogue among researchers, practitioners and civil society, and to offer the Catholic Church instruments and resources in support of the pastoral care of migrants.

In 2012, SMC celebrates 25 years of conducting migration-related programs and activities. It has a documentation center specializing in materials and resources on migration in Asia; it publishes a scientific quarterly, the Asian and Pacific Migration Journal; it has organized numerous conferences on various topics connected to migration, such as human rights, women in migration, migration and trade, the theology of migration, and migration and development; and it has completed numerous research projects, including the assessment of pre-departure  information programs, analysis of the impact of migration on the family, irregular migration in Asian countries, migration and development, the relationship  between youth employment and migration, and the repatriation of overseas Filipino workers from Libya and Syria. On the religious side, SMC has organized for many years the Exodus program, which consists of formation seminars for pastoral workers involved in the ministry with migrants in Asia; the program, and a series of modules to facilitate the learning of essential elements in the pastoral care of migrants.  Exodus has been successfully introduced and replicated in other countries, notably South Korea and Malaysia.