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Selective immigration for highly skilled urged

Posted by jaypee 2610 days ago Japan
http://search.japantimes.co.jp — The Japan Forum on International Relations, a Tokyo-based think tank, urged the government Wednesday to accept more foreign workers and tourists while being selective in accepting long-term residents.

In a report submitted to Prime Minister Naoto Kan, the forum argued that Japan should focus in particular on accepting highly skilled professionals. Read More

Japan needs nurses, stat

Posted by jaypee 2705 days ago Japan
http://www.globalpost.com —

TOKYO, Japan — It was supposed to be the perfect solution to a seemingly intractable problem: how to care for the sick and elderly in a country suffering from a declining, and quickly graying, population.

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RP nurses in Japan decry tough exams

Posted by jaypee 2724 days ago Japan
http://www.manilatimes.net —

TOKYO: Japan allows hundreds of Southeast Asian nurses to work on short-term contracts, but the health-care workers say the exams they must pass for the right to stay longer are so tough that almost all flunk them.

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