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Foreign workers' tax evasion

Posted by jaypee 67 days ago Pakistan
http://www.thedailystar.net —

The National Board of Revenue (NBR) has declared its intention to go after both the companies hiring foreign nationals and individual foreign nationals working in the country on the issue of tax evasion. October 15 is the NBR deadline for employer-companies and individuals to submit their respective payrolls to the revenue authority. In light of what has been published in the media, we un

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Illegal foreign workers to face crackdown: NBR

Posted by jaypee 70 days ago Bangladesh
http://www.thedailystar.net —

The National Board of Revenue is set to start inspecting firms that appoint foreigners illegally and, in so doing, deprive the state of due tax.

“Our taskforce teams will visit firms and penal action will be taken for non-compliance with tax rules,” said a senior NBR official,

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Foreign workers in the UAE remit over $21bn in H1

Posted by jaypee 73 days ago United Arab Emirates
http://www.arabianbusiness.com —

The total value of remittances by foreign workers in the UAE reached AED78 billion ($21.2 billion) during the first half of 2017, according to central bank figures.

The UAE Central Bank announced that remittances totalled AED40.8 billion during the second quarter, an increase of 10 percent compared to the first quarter.

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UAE law targets sexual harassment, forced labor

Posted by jaypee 75 days ago United Arab Emirates
http://www.reuters.com —

DUBAI (Reuters) - The United Arab Emirates, criticized globally for its treatment of migrant workers, issued a law on Tuesday to combat abuse of domestic staff, state news agency WAM said.

It includes prohibitions on sexual harassment, forced labor, and the employment of domestic workers under 18.

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Oman plans labour complexes to house foreign workers

Posted by jaypee 85 days ago Oman
http://gulfbusiness.com —

Authorities in Oman are planning to build new labour complexes to house single foreign workers around Muscat, according to reports.

Times of Oman cited Muscat municipal council members as saying that the plans followed complaints from Omanis living in areas like Ruwi, Hamriya and Wadi Adai where large numbers of “semi-skilled workers” stay sometimes illegally i Read More


Remittances rise 13.18% to $3.5b in July-August

Posted by jaypee 89 days ago Pakistan
https://www.geo.tv —

KARACHI: Overseas Pakistani workers sent home $3.5 billion in remittances during the two months of the current fiscal year of 2017/18, 13.18 per cent higher than a year earlier, the central bank data showed on Tuesday.

Workers’ remittances rose 26.8 per cent month-on-month to $1.95 billion in August, showed the figures of State Bank of Pakistan (SBP). Analysts termed the ris Read More


Malaysia next in bid to legalise migrant workers

Posted by jaypee 95 days ago Malaysia
http://www.khmertimeskh.com —

A campaign to legalise Cambodian migrant workers in Thailand could be repeated in Malaysia if it proves successful, the Labour Minister has said.

Ith Samheng announced on Tuesday that the government will send 360 officials to Thailand to implement a 100-day campaign to give illegal migrant workers proper documents.

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'Employment permit system needs review'

Posted by jaypee 96 days ago Republic of Korea
https://www.koreatimes.co.kr —

Employment permit systems which discriminate against migrant workers should be reviewed, an international labor leader said.

"Permit systems need to be carefully examined so that they meet the principles of non-discrimination and do not leave migrant workers in situations such as the terrible case of the Nepalese worker," International Labor Organization (ILO)

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