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Beijing may open door to foreign maids

Posted by jaypee 26 days ago China PR
http://www.straitstimes.com —

BEIJING • The authorities in Beijing are considering changes to the rules on foreign domestic workers, which would make it easier for overseas talent to settle in the Chinese capital.

The city's Commission of Commerce has said departments are weighing a proposal to offer work and residential permits to the maids of foreign executives as well as some workers from Hong Kong and Read More


China to give unified work visas to attract foreign workers

Posted by jaypee 527 days ago China PR
http://economictimes.indiatimes.com —

BEIJING: In a bid to attract skilled overseas workers, China plans reform its work visa system by combining the two current foreigner work permits into one, similar to what is being given in the most developed countries.

"The unification eliminates the replicated application hurdle and improves communication, aiming to better serve overseas talent coming to work in China," Zhang Read More


China to lure more foreign workers and investment by relaxing ‘green card’ rules

Posted by jaypee 731 days ago China PR
http://www.scmp.com —

China is hoping to attract more overseas talent and investment by making it easier for foreign nationals to obtain a “green card”.

Permanent residency was presently open to too few foreign nationals and standards for granting the status were too high, said state news agency Xinhua, quoting a directive from the State Council and the Communist Party’s Central Commit Read More


Foreign workers first included as factor of lower wages in study

Posted by jaypee 767 days ago China PR
http://www.chinapost.com.tw —

A study commissioned by the Ministry of Labor listed the introduction of foreign workers as one of the contributors to Taiwan's wage stagnation, the first time foreign labor is included as a factor in lowering salaries by an official study in over a decade.

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China must find way for new migrant workers to integrate

Posted by jaypee 917 days ago China PR
http://www.wantchinatimes.com —

China has a new generation of around 100 million migrant workers, the offspring of rural farmers who moved to industrial cities, who are flooding urban areas while their parents have gradually retreated from the city, the state-run China News Service reports.

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UNPO: East Turkestan: China’s Two-Tiered Passport System Constrains Minorities from Leaving the Country

Posted by jaypee 950 days ago China PR
http://unpo.org —

Chinese authorities have created a two-tier passport system which severely restricts minorities from travelling abroad, indicates a Human Rights Watch report published in July 2015. While in areas populated by the country's ethnic Han majority passports must be issued within 15 days, in regions mostly inhabited by ethnic minorities the process requires extensive paperwork. As a re

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Guangdong to grant migrant workers more rights

Posted by jaypee 957 days ago China PR
http://english.cntv.cn —

Authorites in South China's Guangdong province has announced plans to grant household registration, or hukou as it's known, to more than 13 million migrant workers from around the country by 2020.

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New policies help migrant workers start businesses in China

Posted by jaypee 959 days ago China PR
http://english.cntv.cn —

By the end of 2014, there were 270 million rural laborers working in Chinese cities. It's thought that around 2 million of them have since returned home. But instead of returning to the fields, many are choosing to start their own businesses. We went to central China's Henan Province to see how the local government is supporting rural enterprise.

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