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Mob arrested over maids' money misery

Posted by jaypee 339 days ago Hong Kong SAR
http://www.atimes.com — Hong Kong police believe a money lending syndicate offered loans to 1,200 Filipino domestic helpers and seized the borrowers’ passports and employment contracts as collateral

Two Hong Kong residents and eight Filipino domestic workers were arrested on loan sharking charges in a police operation on Sunday and Read More


New contracts to protect domestic workers from high-rise window cleaning risk are no deterrent, says union

Posted by jaypee 459 days ago Hong Kong SAR
https://www.hongkongfp.com —

The Federation of Asian Domestic Workers’ Unions (FADWU) has expressed its concern over the effectiveness of new provisions aimed at protecting domestic workers from the dangers of high-rise window cleaning.

New contracts, due to roll out on January 1, will prohibit domestic workers from cleaning the exteriors of windows above the ground floor, unless grills are install Read More


Minimum wage for Hong Kong’s domestic workers to rise 2.4 per cent to HK$4,310, but union says level is ‘not liveable’

Posted by jaypee 504 days ago Hong Kong SAR
http://www.scmp.com —

The minimum wage for domestic workers in Hong Kong will rise from HK$4,210 to HK$4,310 per month – a 2.4 per cent increase.

The raise is the same as the amount they received last year.

But domestic helpers are disappointed with the decision, having pushed for a HK$5,000 minimum salary.

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Hong Kong domestic helpers wait on wage review

Posted by jaypee 506 days ago Hong Kong SAR
http://www.scmp.com —

Workers and campaigners are pushing for the minimum salary for domestic workers to be increased by HK$790 to HK$5,000 a month, with the government expected to announce the result of a wage review in the coming days.

The minimum wage for foreign domestic workers, which is revised annually, is currently HK$4,210. The latest increase was annou Read More


No more window cleaning: domestic workers to march in Hong Kong after helpers die in falls from high-rises

Posted by jaypee 530 days ago Hong Kong SAR
http://www.scmp.com —

Domestic workers in Hong Kong will take to the streets on Sunday to call for a ban on cleaning windows, following several deaths of helpers who fell from high-rise buildings. They are also demanding a pay rise, a limit on their working hours and a clear definition of “suitable accommodation”.

Some 400 to 500 people were expe Read More


Do more to crack down on job-hopping foreign domestic workers, Hong Kong audit watchdog tells Immigration Department

Posted by jaypee 668 days ago Hong Kong SAR
http://www.scmp.com —

The Immigration Department needs to step up its efforts on cracking down on suspected job-hopping foreign domestic workers and issue guidelines for the immigration officers so they know how to process these cases, the Audit Commission said.

The audit watchdog said in a report released on Wednesday that it had found cases in which immigrati Read More


Hong Kong Immigration Department crackdown nets 17 illegal workers and 8 employers

Posted by jaypee 687 days ago Hong Kong SAR
http://www.scmp.com —

Seventeen illegal workers and eight employers were nabbed by the Immigration Department during a series of citywide operations in the last three days.

The authority began its swoop on Tuesday amid a recent influx of illegal immigrants and bogus asylum seekers to the city.

Acting on intelligence, officers rai Read More


Govt faces flak for seeking new foreign workers for big projects

Posted by jaypee 709 days ago Hong Kong SAR
http://www.ejinsight.com —

A labor union leader has lashed out at the government’s plan to import more foreign workers for ongoing construction projects, saying the move is unnecessary.

Project delays have stemmed from lack of proper planning by authorities, and not due to worker shortage, Chan Pat-kan, chairman of the Construction Site Workers General Union, said Wednesday.

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