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Short on labour, Japan expands foreign trainee scheme

Posted by jacobo 111 days ago Japan
http://www.todayonline.com —

TOKYO — Japan is both ageing and shrinking as it tries to emerge from two decades of economic stagnation.

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Maid to Pay: Exploiting Asia’s Domestic Workers

Posted by jacobo 134 days ago Hong Kong SAR
http://thediplomat.com —

Although physical abuse dominates headlines, it is not the only issue domestic workers encounter.

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Foreign workers on the rise in Eumseong County

Posted by jaypee 135 days ago Republic of Korea
http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com —

Rapid population growth attributed to an influx of foreign workers has slowly begun to change the face of some regions in Korea.

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Japan Seeks Foreign Workers, Uneasily

Posted by jacobo 161 days ago Japan
http://www.ipsnews.net —

TOKYO, Apr 23 2014 (IPS) - Desperate for more workers to support a construction boom, Japan has proposed to expand its controversial foreign trainee programme to permit more unskilled labour from Asia to work in Japanese companies for five years from the current three years.

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SAR ticks boxes

Posted by jacobo 142 days ago Macau SAR
http://macaubusinessdaily.com —

The Macau Government says it has achieved “considerable” results in implementing UN recommendations.

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Several Foreign Models Arrested in China, Police Cracking Down on Illegal Workers

Posted by jacobo 142 days ago China PR
http://www.fashiontimes.com —

More than 60 models in China were taken into custody by Chinese officials on Thursday for working in the country illegally under tourist visas.

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No urban life in sight for many of China's migrant workers

Posted by jaypee 136 days ago China PR
http://www.chinaeconomicreview.com —

In February and March, the Shanghai government leveled dozens of acres of two- and three-story slums just south of the city's historic Bund district. The shantytown, a few hundred meters from the Huangpu river that divides the metropolis, was home to some local Shanghainese, but the cheap rents pulled in thousands of migrant workers hailing from across China

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Migrants to China on the increase, report shows

Posted by jaypee 135 days ago China PR
http://usa.chinadaily.com.cn —

China is working closely with the international community to deal with challenges posed by changing migration patterns, including an increase in the number of people heading to the country.

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