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Immigrant workers play increasingly important role

Posted by jaypee 239 days ago Republic of Korea
http://www.koreatimes.co.kr —

When President Park Geun-hye visited an industrial complex south of Seoul last March, most of the small-business executives there cited the difficulty in securing manpower as their biggest problem.

In a 2015 survey of small and medium enterprises, 60.7 percent of respondents also said they could not find young people willing to work on manufacturing lines.

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Call for change to migrant system - Taipei Times

Posted by jaypee 228 days ago Taiwan
http://www.taipeitimes.com —

The governments of Taiwan and the Philippines should cut out labor brokers and take direct responsibility for the placement and protection of migrant workers, a Philippine labor activist said in Taipei yesterday.

“The brokers’ fee system should be junked because it’s useless — brokers will not help us if we run into problems,” Gilda Banugan, the chair Read More


China to lure more foreign workers and investment by relaxing ‘green card’ rules

Posted by jaypee 225 days ago China PR
http://www.scmp.com —

China is hoping to attract more overseas talent and investment by making it easier for foreign nationals to obtain a “green card”.

Permanent residency was presently open to too few foreign nationals and standards for granting the status were too high, said state news agency Xinhua, quoting a directive from the State Council and the Communist Party’s Central Commit Read More


Foreign workers in Japan 'exploited as cheap labour'

Posted by jaypee 220 days ago Japan
http://www.straitstimes.com —

TOKYO • Tang Xili came to Japan from China in 2013 hoping to earn enough in three years to build a new home for her daughter.

Instead, the 35-year-old ended up in a labour union shelter, after leaving an employer she says owes her unpaid wages of about 3.5 million yen (S$43,800).

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Govt faces flak for seeking new foreign workers for big projects

Posted by jaypee 205 days ago Hong Kong SAR
http://www.ejinsight.com —

A labor union leader has lashed out at the government’s plan to import more foreign workers for ongoing construction projects, saying the move is unnecessary.

Project delays have stemmed from lack of proper planning by authorities, and not due to worker shortage, Chan Pat-kan, chairman of the Construction Site Workers General Union, said Wednesday.

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Foreign workers aren't allocated effectively

Posted by jaypee 186 days ago Republic of Korea
http://www.koreatimes.co.kr —

The foreign labor force in South Korea is not being distributed where needed, with figures pointing to a heavy imbalance in the hiring of professionals, research results by a think tank showed Monday.

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Japan to have record 1 million foreign workers this year

Posted by jaypee 181 days ago Japan
http://www.japantimes.co.jp —

The number of foreign nationals employed in Japan is expected to top 1 million for the first time this year as the nation grows more reliant on overseas workers to meet labor demands, government sources said Saturday.

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Providing severance pay to foreign workers after departure constitutional

Posted by jaypee 171 days ago Republic of Korea
http://www.koreatimes.co.kr —

The Constitutional Court ruled Tuesday that paying foreign workers severance pay only after they depart from Korea does not violate the nation's Constitution.

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