Migrant workers send home Rs 17,500 cr. a year

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Kerala appears to be one of the choicest destinations of domestic migrant workers, their ranks swelling by an estimated 2.35 lakh every year to touch 32 lakhs now, up from 25 lakh in 2013.

The Review estimates that the migrant labourers are collectively sending home an estimated Rs.17,500 crore every year. Over 75 per cent of them come from Uttar Prad Read More


Govt introduces online complaint system for migrant workers

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ISLAMABAD: Pir Syed Sadruddin Shah Rashidi, federal minister for overseas Pakistanis and human resource development, said here on Wednesday that the government was committed to the welfare and protection of migrant workers at all stages of the migration cycle.

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Jharkhand’s minimum wage for maids exists only on paper

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Jharkhand may have fixed the minimum wage for domestic workers in 2011, but acute poverty, a job crisis and a lack of awareness have compelled them to work for as little as one-fifth the amount, claim activists.

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Nepal to host regional conference to protect migrants’ rights

Posted by jaypee 259 days ago Nepal
http://kathmandupost.ekantipur.com — Feb 8, 2016- The government is planning to organise a South Asian ministerial-level conference in Kathmandu to explore possible areas of cooperation to ensure protection and promotion of the rights of migrant labourers of the region.
South Asia is home to 36 million migrant workers, including an estimated four million Nepalis, who work mostly in the Gulf and Malaysia.

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Tamil Nadu now home to 1 million migrant workers: Study

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CHENNAI: Tamil Nadu is home to more than a million migrant workers, a government-commissioned survey has found.

The just-concluded survey conducted by a private consultant on behalf of the state labour department shows that a majority of the 10.67 lakh migrant workers in the state are unskilled workers. About 27% are employed in the manufacturing sector, 14% in textile industri

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Over 100 SL domestic workers return - allegedly suffered abuse in Kuwait, Saudi, UAE

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Around 150 Sri Lankan domestic workers who were employed overseas and subject to abuse, arrived in the  country on February 3.

Our correspondent said that the domestic workers were employed in Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait were brought to the country with the assistance of the Sri Lanka Foreign Employment Bureau.

A majority of the domestic workers were Read More


Rajasthan sets minimum wages for domestic help

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JAIPUR: Enforcing labour reforms in the unorganised sector, the Rajasthan government has fixed minimum wages for domestic help and set limits to their working hours.

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Kuwait amnesty for migrants begins

Posted by jaypee 285 days ago Nepal
http://kathmandupost.ekantipur.com — Jan 12, 2016- The Kuwait government on Sunday started granting amnesty to illegal migrant workers living in the country. However, the general amnesty will be granted only after paying a fine up to Rs200,000.

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