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Burma to repatriate workers from Borneo shipyard drama

Posted by jaypee 242 days ago Burma
http://www.dvb.no —

Twenty-one of the 97 Burmese migrant workers who had locked themselves in a warehouse at a Borneo shipyard after being set upon by a rival gang of workers are due to be flown home this weekend.

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Myanmar workers caught using fake passports

Posted by jaypee 144 days ago Burma
http://www.bangkokpost.com —

TAK - Four Myanmar workers were caught using fake passports to board a Nok Air flight at Mae Sot airport on Thursday, police said.

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Myanmar Opens Shelter for Human Trafficking Victims

Posted by jaypee 129 days ago Burma
http://www.irrawaddy.org —

Burmese officials have opened a new temporary shelter to support victims of human trafficking who were rescued or have escaped and are now preparing to return home.

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Thai, Burmese labour officials pledge to protect migrant workers

Posted by jacobo 116 days ago Burma
http://dvb.no —

Burmese and Thai labour officials held a high-level meeting on 7 May in Bangkok where they agreed to cooperate and provide full labour rights to Burmese migrants, with additional pledges to protect the estimated one to two million Burmese in Thailand from elements such as extortion and employment scams.

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IOM to open migrant worker centres in Myanmar

Posted by jaypee 113 days ago Burma
The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) will be opening Migrant Resource Centres in Yangon, Magway and Mawlamyaing in June to help educate workers and provide essential skills. Read More

Thailand’s Military Coup A Headache For Migrant Workers

Posted by jacobo 90 days ago Burma
http://karennews.org —

Migrant workers from Burma are finding that life has just become much more complicated following Thailand’s military coup on May 22, with the military closing border crossings and a nationwide curfew disrupting their travel.

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Crackdown on fake passport applications

Posted by jacobo 88 days ago Burma
http://www.elevenmyanmar.com —

Passports will not be issued to Myanmar workers who apply for them in Thailand with fake documents, the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Affairs has warned.

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Myanmar to sign agreement with China on migrant workers

Posted by jacobo 54 days ago Burma
A memorandum of understanding will be signed allowing Myanmar migrants to work legally in China, said Min Hlaing, chairperson of the Overseas Employment Service Entrepreneurs Association. Read More